Susan Thompson
Panel Services Manager
Life, Fun, and Everything

Captcha Issues: If you're having captcha issues, with the Captcha either not showing up, or giving an error consistently, first try clearing your browser's cache. Remember to always do the Captcha prompt before clicking Login

Login issues: If you're having issues logging in, please try the forgot password link on the home page. If you're having issues logging in, please email and provide the following information: The kind of error are you receiving and a screenshot of that error. If you've cleared your browser's cache after 3 failed attempts. If you are able to see and click the Captcha prompt. There is a forgot password link on the home page where you can reset your password as well.

Reward Issues: If you think you have lost rewards, please check the My History tab. That will show you your rewards history. If you see a negative number there, check the description as it was likely just a points conversion from our old websites that we had to make to get everyone the proper dollar values.

Rewards Emails: Reward redemptions will come from and will say "Your Life Fun and Everything reward is here" in the subject line and are emailed as soon as they are redeemed. Sweepstakes and promo rewards will come from The emails containing your rewards are the best source of information on how to use them.

Please Email